Management Committee

The COPL's Management Committee consists of 7 members chosen to fairly reflect the various research themes as well as the institutions involved.

The Management Committee is the decision-making body for questions relative to the budget, strategic directions and more broadly, the sharing of resources.

The members of the Committee are elected by an assembly of members following a recommendation by the Director.


Daniel Côté, Université Laval
André Fougères, INO
Sébastien Francoeur, École Polytechnique de Montréal
Jérôme Genest, Université Laval
Simon Thibault, Université Laval
Christine Tremblay, École de technologie supérieure
Réal Vallée, Université Laval

Assembly of members

The Assembly of members consists of all participating university researchers, two graduate student representatives, one postdoctoral and research scientist representative and one representative from the technical and administrative staff. The assembly's main role is to evaluate and approve projects proposed by the Management Committee regarding the COPL's strategic directions and nature.

Member representatives

Student representatives: Stéphanie Allogba (École de technologie supérieure), Vincent Michaud-Belleau (Université Laval)

Research scientist and post-doctoral researcher representative: Yannick Ledemi (Université Laval)

Technical and administrative staff representative: Stéphan Gagnon (Université Laval)

External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee is composed of 7 members representing the research community in academia, industry and institutions. Its role is to evaluate the quality, relevance and orientation of the COPL's scientific program.

Industrial Members

Sébastien Blais-Ouellette
Christophe Deutsch
Martin Guy

Institutional Members

André Fougères
Dominik Pudo

Academic Member

Cécile Fradin

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