François Légaré

Position : Professor, INRS-ÉMT
Phone : 514-228-6871
E-mail :

Professional affiliations :

Centre Énergie, Matériaux, Télécommunications

Director, Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS)

Projects in progress :

• Forefront light source developments for ultrafast molecular imaging and table top X-ray science
• Novel laser technologies for the amplification and the frequency conversion of octave spanning laser sources
• Optical process control for plasma-assisted deposition of functional nanoelectronic thin films
• Development of a THz multi-MV/cm source and its applications for nonlinear optics
• Development of widely tunable mid-IR coherent light source based on a synchronized dual color picosecond laser system
• New generation of femtosecond lasers based on frequency domain optical parametric amplification
• Development of a simplified platform for coherent Raman microscopy
• Femto/picosecond tunable infrared source for the fabrication of organic thin films
• Prototype validation for a new generation of streak scanning camera
• Integration of solid-state picosecond laser to a plasma deposition chamber
• Tunable mid-infrared light sources based on O/E-Land fiber based laser technologies
• Using laser ablation to give metallic surfaces hydrophobic/icephobic properties
• Novel attosecond technologies for real-time imaging and control of ultrafast processes in materials
• Guided Light, Tightly Packed: novel concepts, components and applications
• Table-top soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy based on high average/peak power femtosecond laser

Interests :

  • Molecular imaging
  • Multiphotonic microscopy of biological tissues

Research team :

Postdoctoral Fellows
Denis Ferachou
Oscar Iglesias
Ojoon Kwon
Adrien Leblanc
Reza Soltanian
Derek Wilson

PhD Students
Vincent Cardin
Gilles Dalla-Barba
Michael Greschner
Katherine Légaré
Maxime Pinsard
Reza Safaei
Vincent Wanie

Master's Students
Alborz Ehteshami
Elissa Haddad


VIDEO on Prof. Légaré's research


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