Yves De Koninck

Position : Professor, Université Laval
Phone : 418 663-5747
Fax : 418 663-5873
E-mail :

Professional affiliations :

Research Centre of the University Institute for Mental Health of Québec
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Université Laval
Brain, Behaviour and Neuropsychiatry Research Centre
Biophysical Society
Canadian Association for Neuroscience
Canadian Pain Society
Canadian Physiological Society
International Association for the Study of Pain
Society for Neuroscience

Projects in progress :

Neurophysiological bases for pain transmission

Improved femtosecond laser approaches for cellular imaging in live tissue

Modeling synapses and their impact on integrative properties of neurons

Nanotools for neuropharmacology

NeuroPhysics: setting new frontiers in neuroscience with material sciences and photonics

Plasticity of inhibition in spinal sensory pathways

Transforming neuropathic pain research in Canada

Interests :

Spine, sensoral physiology, synaptic transmission, pain, biophysics, electrophysiology, patch clamp, imaging, spectroscopy, nanotechnologies.

Video on Professor De Koninck's activities (in French)

Video on the Neurophotonics Centre

Research team :

[COPL students only]

Postdoctoral Fellow
Feng Wang (co-supervised by Daniel Côté-COPL)



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