Leslie Ann Rusch

Position : Professor, Université Laval
Phone : 418 656-2131, ext. 402906
Fax : 418 656-3159
E-mail :

Professional affiliations :

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Université Laval 

Canada Research Chair on Communications Systems Enabling the Cloud

IEEE Fellow

Optical Society of America Fellow

Projects in progress :

  • Networked sensor sentinels for real-time surveillance of infrastructures and ecosystems
  • 5G virtualization over a PON infrastructure enabled by silicon photonics
  • Communications Systems Enabling the Cloud
  • Experimental Research in High Capacity Communications for Data Centers
  • Integrated optoelectronic devices and compensation algorithms
  • NSERC CREATE for Network Softwarization
  • Optimizing the optical/wireless interface for short-haul access networks

Interests :

  • Digital signal processing for coherent detection in optical communications
  • Communication systems based on silicon photonic components
  • Spatial multiplexing based on orbital angular momentum modes in fiber
  • Radio over fiber and OFDM modulation for passive optical networks
  • Optimizing the Wireless optical interface in emerging computer networks based on the cloud

Research team :

Research associate: 

Xun Guan

Satyendra Kumar Mishra

PhD Students: 

Ghazaleh Adibifard

Rizan Homayoun Nejad

Mai Banawan (co-supervised with Sophie LaRochelle-COPL)

Rania Antar Eltaieb Abouelela (co-supervised with Sophie LaRochelle-COPL)

Hamed Rabbani (co-supervised with Sophie LaRochelle-COPL)

Zibo Zheng (co-supervised with Wei Shi-COPL)

Amir Omidi (co-supervised with Ming Zeng-COPL) 

Master's Students:

Ariane Gouin (co-supervised with Sophie LaRochelle-COPL) 



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