22 January 2019

The COPL is pleased to announce that Philippe Guay and Marie-Pier Côté have been awarded grants to undertake internships abroad.


Philippe Guay is studying towards his Master's degree at Université Laval under the supervision of Prof. Jérôme Genest. He will undertake a 5 month internship in Prof. David Lancaster's laboratory at the University of Southern Australia in Adelaide. His project is aimed at exploring the potential of optical chip-based lasers.

 Marie-Pier Côté is a PhD student at Université Laval supervised by Prof. Anna Ritcey and co-supervised by Prof. Denis Boudreau. Her 2-month internship will be spent at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. where she will be working under the supervision of Prof. Emilie Ringe. Her project is focussed on the development of a chemical sensor based on a metallic nanoparticle assembly with plasmonic properties that are very sensitive to changes in refractive index.

The COPL congratulates them and wishes them a research stay that is both pleasant and productive.



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