A tradition entrenched in excellence

Over the years, the COPL has  carved out a reputation as a first-class research center in optics and photonics. Its very first researchers were pioneers in the development of this field in Canada.

Recognized in the province of Quebec as an area of strategic priority, optics & photonics is one of the research fields where the most university faculty positions have been created in recent years. Already an organization that is well established and well structured, the COPL is uniquely positioned to coordinate the activities of the Quebec photonics research community.

In the field of optics & photonics, applied and fundamental research merge at astonishing speed. Major scientific breakthroughs, in the field of ultrafast laser pulses for example, will have significant impact on applications in biophotonics, the environment, aerospace, industrial processes and telecommunications. For this reason, the COPL has chosen to organize its research program around 5 major axes (opposite) where scientific and technological development is likely to produce major socio-economic benefit for Quebec in the near future.



The COPL is a key member of the Sentinel North research program, which allows Université Laval to draw on over a half-century of northern and optics/photonics research to develop innovative new technology and improve our understanding of the northern environment and its impact on human beings and their health. To learn more about it, click on the logo below.


Laboratory in the early 70s
Ultrafast intense laser lab in the late 90s
New lab facilities in the pavilion of optics and photonics
Centre d'optique, photonique et laser
2375 rue de la Terrasse, local 2104
Université Laval, Québec, Canada, G1V 0A6
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