Denis Boudreau

Position : Professor, Université Laval
Phone : 418 656-3287
Fax : 418 656-2623
E-mail :

Professional affiliations :

Chemistry Department, Université Laval

Projects in progress :

Direct molecular detection of DNA for blood genotyping

Direct trace analysis of solid micro-samples by laser-excited atomic spectrometry

Microfluidic system for point of care diagnosis of GBS

Luminescent nanoparticles for cellular imaging applications

Novel DNA-based radiological dosimetry technology

Portable biological agent detection system

Interests :

Development of novel ultra-sensitive analysis techniques based on laser spectroscopy or the latest advances in optics, nanoparticles and biosensors for the purpose of studying trace atoms and molecules in various samples for environmental, industrial or medical applications

Research team :

PhD Students
Jérémie Asselin (co-supervised with Younes Messadeq-COPL)
Josée Daniel-Richard (co-supervised with Paul De Konink-CRIUSMQ and Emilie Ringe, Rice University)
Alexandre Grégoire
Félix-Antoine Lavoie
Karina Nigoghossian (co-supervised with Sidney Ribeiro, UNESP Brazil)
Samuel Ouellet (co-supervised with Jérôme Plain, Univ. de Technologie de Troyes)
Maxime Rioux (co-supervised with Younès Messaddeq-COPL)

MSc Students
Cyril Caron (co-supervised with Anna Ritcey-COPL)
Marie-Pier Côté (co-supervised with Anna Ritcey-COPL)
Mélina Drouin
Marie-Pier Lambert
Philippe Legros
Benoît Richard (co-supervised with Anna Ritcey-COPL)



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