Raman Kashyap

Position : Professor, École Polytechnique
Phone : 514 340-4711, ext. 4742
Fax : 514 340-3218
E-mail :

Professional affiliations :

Chairholder, Canada Research Chair in Future Photonics Systems
Department of Engineering Physics, École Polytechnique
Department of Electrical Engineering, École Polytechnique
Advanced Micro-Wave and Space Electronics Research Centre
Groupe PolyPhotonique

Projects in progress :

Develolpment of new applications in photonics

Transparent optical networks

Signal processing

Biomedical instrumentation and detection

Complex filter and tunable structure bandgap technologies

Details on Prof. Kashyap's research

Interests :

Optical Fibre Devices
Optical Communications
Polymeric Optical Devices
Lasers and Amplifiers
Optical Fibres
Radio over Fibre
Photonic Band Gap Devices
Nonlinear Optical Phenomenon
Fibre Bragg Gratings

Research team :

Research Scientists
Galina Nemova
Amirhosein Tehranchi

Postdoctoral Fellow
Venkata Krishnaiah

PhD Students
Ameneh Bostani
Mathieu Gagné
Victor Lambin Iezzi
Jérôme Lapointe
Sébastien Loranger
Tahereh Ahmadi Tameh
Mahmoun Wahbeh
Ye-Jin Yu (co-supervised by Younès Messaddeq-COPL)

Master's Students
François Parent



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