Lasers and short pulses

Head of Research: Michel Piché

This axis targets the development of compact, stable laser sources with a wide spectral range producing ultrashort and ultra-intense pulses. Several high-power femtosecond sources are now available and others will be put into service. Our interests lie in the design and optimization of lasers and in the dynamics of pulsed lasers or lasers with average high-power. We will develop high-performance infrared (IR) sources. By using new materials and exploiting optical non-linear characteristics, we will be able to achieve fiber laser emission further into the IR. A new parametric amplification scheme in the Fourier plane will push the pulse energy boundaries from a few cycles in the IR to values unmatched, for the generation of very high energy THz and X-ray radiation. Work is expected to take place on the applications of lasers to metrology, remote sensing, micro-machining and waveguide inscription.

Theme 1 – Ultrashort pulse sources and ultrafast dynamics
Keywords: Large spectrum parametric amplification. Pulse compression. Laser-induced plasma. Multi-photon ionisation. Laser filamentation. Airy beams. Electron acceleration. Femtosecond electron spectrometry. Intense field dynamics. Attosecond science. X-ray sources. Terahertz sources.

Researchers in this theme: Beaudoin Bertrand, Julien ; Blanchard, François ; Légaré, François ; Morandotti, Roberto ; Nguyen-Dang, Thanh-Tung ; Piché, Michel ; Witzel, Bernd

Theme 2 – All-fiber laser sources
Keywords: Rare-earth-doped fiber lasers. Raman gain lasers. Tunable lasers. Fiber lasers (visible and infrared). Quantum dot-doped fibers. Femtosecond lasers. Mid-IR sources. High-power fiber lasers. Variable repetition rate lasers. Continuum generation.

Researchers in this theme: Allen, Claudine ; Azana, Jose ; Bernier, Martin ; Chen, Lawrence R. ; Kashyap, Raman ; LaRochelle, Sophie ; Piché, Michel ; Rochette, Martin ; Ung, Bora ; Vallée, Réal

Theme 3 – Metrology and laser applications
Keywords: Frequency combs. Tunable sources for test and measurement. Laser spectroscopy. Laser remote sensing. Chemical compound identification. Femtosecond pulse waveguide writing. Laser welding and cleaving. Laser micro-machining. Interactions with nanoparticles. Laser surgery. Hyperspectral tomography.

Researchers in this theme: Genest, Jérôme ; Kashyap, Raman ; Marquet, Pierre ; Meunier, Michel ; Piché, Michel ; Vallée, Réal

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