Optical communications

Head of Research: Christine Tremblay

In this axis, research teams develop components, protocols and architectures for fiber-based communication networks. Their aim is to increase:
1. the spectral efficiency of high-speed transmission by implementing complex modulation formats, integrated multi-dimensional multiplexing systems, specialty fibers and signal processing methods;
2. network flexibility through all-optical switching;
3. network energy efficiency by integrating low-power silicon photonics devices and sub-systems;
4. connectivity by distributing RF signals over fiber.

Photonic devices and the design of dedicated components are also the focus of activity in this axis. The goal is to demonstrate the operation of sub-systems for optical coding and processing of information. The infrastructure available for research within the strategic cluster will make it possible to conduct work which is more experimental in nature but still a very important part of the research.

Theme 1 – Modulation formats
Keywords: Ultra-Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (UDWDM). Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK). M-ary Phase Shift Keying (M-PSK). Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). Multi-Level Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (M-QAM). Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM). Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT). Multi-level format. Propagation. Optical amplification and regeneration. Signal detection and processing. Modulation format conversion. Forward error correction (FEC). Optical pulse shaping. Ultrafast computing and information processing. Characterization of ultra-rapid signals and photonic devices. Ultrafast pulse coding/decoding.

Researchers in this theme: Azana, Jose ; Chen, Lawrence R. ; Godbout, Nicolas ; LaRochelle, Sophie ; Rochette, Martin ; Rusch, Leslie Ann ; Tremblay, Christine

Theme 2 – All-optical networks
Keywords: Packet switching. Wavelength routing. Wavelength conversion. Local networks. Optical labelling. All-optical signal processing. Cognitive optical networks. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). Spatial multiplexing. Agile routing. Fast frequency metrology. All-optical switching. Coherent optical link characterization and monitoring.

Researchers in this theme:  Azana, Jose ; Chen, Lawrence R. ; Godbout, Nicolas ; LaRochelle, Sophie ; Rochette, Martin ; Rusch, Leslie Ann ; Tremblay, Christine

Theme 3 – Wideband access
Keywords: Radio-over-fiber. Ultra-Wide-Band. PON. Free-space communication.

Researchers in this theme: Azana, Jose ; Kashyap, Raman ; Rusch, Leslie Ann ; Tremblay, Christine

Theme 4 – Photonic components for applications in telecommunication networks and data centers

Keywords: Integrated silicon photonics. Integrated microwave photonics. Wideband modulators. Tunable filters. Analog-digital converters. Direct modulation lasers. Frequency filters and modal filters. Multiplexers/demultiplexers for spatial multiplexing. Weakly multimode fibers. Ring-core fibers. Multi-core fibers. Microstructured fibers. Optical device enabling software defined networks (SDN). Non-linear waveguides. Low energy consumption high-speed receptors.

Researchers in this theme: Azana, Jose ; Chen, Lawrence R. ; LaRochelle, Sophie ; Ménard, Michaël ; Shi, Wei ; Tremblay, Christine ; Ung, Bora

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