Studying at École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique in Montreal ranks among Canada's premier engineering schools and is the largest in Quebec in terms of the number of students and the size of its research budgets.

Founded in 1873, Polytechnique provides high-level engineering training reinforcing human values and targeting the needs of society and industry.

Its 58 research units offer students the opportunity to benefit from one of the most stimulating academic environments in Canada as Polytechnique performs close to a quarter of all university-based engineering research in Quebec.

In optics and photonics, École Polytechnique provides multidisciplinary training based on the expertise of COPL members who belong either to the Department of Engineering Physics or the Department of Electrical Engineering. These experts collaborate with researchers in other universities and with specialists in industry. The projects they carry out will have significant scientific and technological impact in optical communications, advanced materials, health science and engineering, all of which are critical areas in an innovative society.  

For additional information on ongoing research projects in optics and photonics at École Polytechnique, visit the following web pages: 

For information on how to register for a graduate program, please visit the graduate studies web page.

Centre d'optique, photonique et laser
2375 rue de la Terrasse, local 2104
Université Laval, Québec, Canada, G1V 0A6