The Centre for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL) is a recognized research centre of Université Laval bringing together 21 research teams and more than 150 graduate students. Supported by around twenty research professionals and postdoctoral researchers and ten experienced technicians, these teams pursue work on photonic materials, optical communications, lasers, fiber optics, biophotonics, engineering and instrumentation. optical.

Through the quality of its research facilities and the critical mass of its multidisciplinary expertise, the COPL offers students an exceptional university education and its industrial and institutional partners, consulting services as well as manufacturing and characterization services at the fine cutting edge technology.

A vital link in the chain of innovation in the optics-photonics community of the greater Quebec City region, the COPL provides highly qualified labor to the fifty or so companies in the field located nearby. It conducts joint research projects with several of them, in particular those that have branched out from its laboratories. The COPL thus ensures that it remains abreast of the needs and trends of a booming market.

  • Train students and highly qualified personnel
  • Perform basic and applied research
  • Contribute to socio-economic growth in the field of optics-photonics
  • Promote the field of optics-photonics and its fields of application
  • Build a network of researchers whose complementary expertise benefits the entire Centre
  • Pool human and material resources to carry out world-class research projects
  • Facilitate access to major equipment for its members
  • Promote co-supervision of students, collaboration on research projects and participation in joint publications
  • Provide students with a world-class multidisciplinary study and research environment
  • Promote studies and careers in optics-photonics
  • Support and/or organize international conferences in key sectors of optics and photonics
  • Disseminate research results to peers and the public
  • Stimulate and coordinate member initiatives to jointly obtain grants in strategic sectors at the Canadian and international levels
  • Stimulate economic development by promoting technology transfers and business creation
  • Promote collaboration with companies and research centres

Founded in 1989 and bringing together the driving forces of optics-photonics research from the Departments of Physics and Electrical Engineering, the Centre for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL) continues a long tradition of excellence in research and training in optics. whose origins, at Laval University, date back to the 1950s.

A recognized research centre of Laval University, the COPL has also been part, since 2000, of a multidisciplinary strategic group that bears the same name. This research network funded by the Fonds de recherche québécois - Nature et technologies brings together experts from nine Quebec universities who collaborate in the development of the optics-photonics sector and the application of its technologies.

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