The COPL has clean room infrastructures that allow it to offer microfabrication services to researchers and companies. While some standard equipment is made available to external users, other more specialized ones are operated by expert technicians whose training and experience will allow customers to take full advantage of all the features available. Contact us for an assessment of the feasibility of your project.


Deposition by centrifugation

- Spinners for deposition by centrifugation (spincoating)
- Cleaning stations, chemical etching and thermal annealing


- Mask aligner for exposure at 365 nm
- 0.8μm resolution

Reactive Ion Etching

- 2 PlasmaTherm 790 systems for quartz and chalcogenides
- Substrates from 50 to 200 mm
- Etching rate 20 nm/min
- Depth down to 1 μm

Examples of realizations

Microcircuits, Conductive Surfaces and Masks

Printing custom shapes and microcircuits on glass, polymer and silicon substrates

Diffractive Elements

Diffraction gratings with pitch and depth adjusted to your needs