The COPL offers researchers and companies specialized characterization services. A wide variety of optical, mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of materials and devices can be measured in our laboratories by our professional and technical staff. He will help you take full advantage of the possibilities and features of these instruments. Contact us to take advantage of the services offered by these instruments.

Equipment and Measurement Types Available


- Spectrometers and FTIR
- Spectrofluorimetry
- Spectrophotometer
- Fizeau interferometer
- Measurement of the refractive index
- Analysis of preforms and optical fibers
- Test bench for lenses/optical systems
- Interrogator for Bragg gratings
- Infrared and hyperspectral imaging
- Auto-correlation of laser pulses
- Analysis of laser beam and optical spectra
- Characterization assemblies of photonic microchips


- Scanning electron microscope (SEM) assisted by focused ion beam (FIB), nano-deposition of metals and X-ray spectroscopy
- Atomic force microscope
- Optical microscope with phase contrast
- Infrared microscope
- Fluorescence and Raman microscope

Other Types of Measurement

- Profilometer and 3D reconstruction of surfaces
- Viscometer
- Hydrometer
- Differential scanning calorimeter
- Thermomechanical analysis