The COPL makes available to researchers and companies several laboratories and instruments that allow the preparation and treatment of materials, surfaces and optical fibers. The services provided by these laboratories are accessible for research activities and prototype development. Contact us to access these services.

Preparation of materials

- Surface polishing
- Precision cutting of substrates with a saw
- 3D printing

Materials processing

- Thermal and humidity cycling
- Synthesis and thermal annealing
- Preparation of samples in a controlled atmosphere
- Chemical etching

Fiber optic splicing and preparation

- Cleaving, stripping and sheathing
- Splicing by various techniques
- Manufacture of couplers
- Fusion and forming by CO2 laser
- Hydrogenation

Laser processes

- Cutting, drilling, marking, engraving and fusion
- Several laser sources available (CO2, UV, visible, infrared, femtosecond)
- Machining benches for making complex shapes
- Expertise in photo-registration of components in glasses, such as Bragg gratings and waveguides

Consulting and Training

Do you have technical challenges related to photonics technologies within your organization? We can share our expertise through consultation sessions, prototyping assistance and even tailor-made training on common techniques in the field of optics-photonics.