Younès Messaddeq


Département de physique, de génie physique et d'optique

Holder of the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Photonic Innovations

Advanced Photonic Materials — Younès Messaddeq's Laboratory

Research Interests

Study of new glass materials for the development of microstructured fibers, fiber lasers and optical devices
Advanced materials from bacterial cellulose for medical applications
Multifunctional optical materials (organic light emitting diodes)
Production of thin films


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Research Professionals

  • Sandra Messaddeq
  • Mourad Roudjane
  • Jean-Luc Delarosbil


  • Nicolas Grégoire
  • Steeve Morency


  • Mehran Ahadi
  • Samar Aouji
  • Brice Bellanger
  • Ismail Ben Amar
  • Hasnaa Benchorfi 
  • Huseyin Can Camici
  • Iago Carvalho Pinto   
  • Yormary Nathaly Colmenares Calderon
  • Wagner Correr
  • Alizée Deslandes
  • Gabriel Dugas
  • Alice Goillot
  • Simon-André Kaser
  • Haleh Nourizadeh Kazerouni
  • Anthony Maldonado
  • Anees Mehaboob Cheriyathu Valappil    
  • Thomas Meyneng
  • Antsar Rih Hlil 
  • Ishfaq Showket Mir   


  • Anna Gagné-Landmann